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Almost every city in the world has its own TV channel that broadcasts local news. Due to technical progress, it is not something special and unique for modern society. Such TV channels cover various aspects of city life. They report on breaking news or cultural events and very often contain entertainment content. Such a TV channel exists in London too. London Live is a long-awaited project for many residents of the city. So, it is interesting to review the history of its creation, hidden life outside the camera frame and work policy. Learn more at london-future

The history of its creation

The history of this new local TV channel creation began in London when, in 2012, its tender was held. In 2013, ESTV Limited was granted the licence. This organisation also includes other subsidiary companies, for example, Evening Standard Limited. Despite the rapid development in terms of financing and public expectations, the first TV channel broadcast took place on March 31, 2014. 

Variety of broadcasting information

Obviously, the main purpose of this TV channel was to spread information about the capital of Great Britain. Thus, most of its broadcast programmes are dedicated to London. At the time of launch, it was really something extremely interesting, new and unique. The original broadcast system consisted of five hours covering current events in the city, three hours of latest news and some entertainment shows, such as Smack The Pony, Peep Show and Twenty Twelve. All of this in different ways raised issues important to London and its residents. One of the features is that the residents of the city can turn on London Live whenever they want. It operates around the clock and seven days a week. This is a constant flow of various information. 

In different years of its existence, the TV channel broadcast such well-known shows as Can You Cook It, Good Morning Breakfast, Place Invaders, CTRL Freaks and others. Its audience also could watch some documentaries, for example, Teenage Kicks, Girl on Girl, The Young Upstarts, Digital Nation and Half Man Standing. Soon after the TV channel’s creation, its representatives announced the purchase of the first series, All About the McKenzies. The well-known Drag Queens of London appeared at London Live in March 2014. Later, the TV channel took care of content for children, developing and launching some morning children’s shows in July 2017. In 2022, the TV channel cooperated with Ex-BKN International library and 41 Entertainment. 

London Live popularity

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London Live is a very popular British TV channel indeed. Its potential audience is more than nine million viewers from approximately four million houses. Under such conditions, London Live can compete with many European TV channels that broadcast for much bigger audiences of the entire country. Moreover, you can watch it on Sky and Freeview. 

All in all, London Live quickly reached the desired success and became a more successful attempt at creating a local TV channel than some of the previous ones. Its team managed to achieve good results thanks to the introduction of new formats. The head of the news department, Vikki Cook, involved about 35 specialists to make the project a real success. Their professional skills made it possible to create new concepts of city news coverage. At the same time, they developed other shows, which were accompanied by interesting authentic stories. This is how this TV channel conquered the hearts of Londoners and became their favourite one.

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