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Citymapper, one of the most popular apps in London 

Each city has its own special list of the most popular applications. Tourists are looking for them, planning their trips. It helps to make up a route, book accommodation, find out about the transport system and the sights of the city. A lot of such applications are used not only by guests of the city but also by its residents. Such resources make our lives easier via an ordinary phone. They are especially necessary in big cities which are visited by thousands of people every day. London is one of them. The capital of Great Britain hosts important business meetings, scientific conferences, various entertainment events and many others. For this reason, the city transport system should be well-organised. The Citymapper app has all the necessary functions to facilitate convenient transportation for everyone in the city. Learn more at london-future

History of the interesting application 

The app was developed by Azmat Yusuf, who used to work at Google. He also became the CEO of Citymapper. He wanted to develop a well-functioning application with the easiest interface. The app was first launched in London in 2011. 

Growing popularity

After a successful trial period, Citymapper has become very popular in the UK capital. It was constantly improving and provided clear information about transport in the city. Later, New Yorkers could use it too. In 2020, the app was launched in 58 cities around the world. In particular, it is one of the most important and popular applications in London. As of 2023, the app is active in about 100 cities, engaging 50 million users from different parts of the world. 

The importance of Citymapper in the modern city 

Citymapper is an indispensable assistant for anyone planning to use public transport in London. It is free and very useful. It can offer you the cheapest and fastest trip routes. The programme can even suggest the carriage, which will be the most convenient for you, depending on your destination. Moreover, you will receive notifications in case of delays or repair work on selected routes. 

The application contains data on all types of city transport. Using the application, you can easily navigate the city because it is also a mapping service. Here, you can plan your trip by taxi, bicycle, bus, underground and even electric scooter. You can also find Zipcar and Uber routes information in the app. In addition, a project aimed at providing night bus service was developed and launched in 2017. Although it offered small transport for about eight passengers, that service gained great popularity in London. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in 2019. Instead, Pass has been created, which is an alternative to a weekly pass to use some type of transport at a more favourable price. You can plan both walking and transport routes by downloading the application to your smartphone. It is available for Android and iOS. It is a perfect solution for tourists who don’t take other gadgets along. In addition, Citymapper is quite easy to use and a timesaving app. Even if for some reason you can’t download the application, you can always use the company’s website. It offers the same features as the mobile app.

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