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Just imagine how interesting school study would be if all physical and chemical processes were shown in practice. Apparently, the number of scientists in the world would increase significantly. If people fully realized the appliance of mathematical formulas, life would be much easier to understand. The Science Museum in London offers you an opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of science. Its exhibits will definitely surprise every visitor. The museum is a world of interactive adventures, cosmic phenomena and various science shows. Learn more at london-future.

Why was it created?

The museum itself was founded in 1857 and its exhibits were presented by surplus items from other museums of Great Britain. However, the current museum’s building appeared much later, in 1928. It was designed by the Scottish architect Richard Allison. The modern building consists of five floors and features a glass roof in the hall.

The main purpose for the creation of such a museum was to show how the exhibits work in practice and make science more interesting and exciting. That’s why the location has become a favorite place for many children. Here, they can see the displayed scientific processes as well as twist, touch and rotate the exhibits too. The museum crosses out all the established rules about not touching anything, holding your breath and listening quietly about a painting or installation, which children usually find too boring. In contrast, young visitors of the Science Museum leave it with a smile on their faces and a desire to visit this place again and again.

The amazing and unique world of science

The museum fund consists of various exhibits presented in differently organized thematic galleries. They are interesting for both children and adults. For example, in one of them, you can imagine yourself as a real engineer and dive into the world of mechanical engineering. It is aimed at introducing students to this profession and showing interesting processes in this sphere. However, the Eastern hall, which occupies three floors, is the first one to greet visitors entering the building. It presents the most outstanding engines and steam mechanisms. In addition, there is a unique ceiling metal ring that reflects messages left by people in one of the museum’s halls. Going further, you can observe a large number of other and no less amazing exhibits that tell the story of the industrial revolution in Great Britain. Also, there is a hall, which presents the most striking breakthroughs in telecommunications and long-distance information transmission, such as radio, telephone, camera and other networks. The media space hall with 3 million photos will impress everyone too. The top floor is completely dedicated to various types of aircraft, each of which has an audio guide that tells the history of the model and its inventor.

In addition to replenishing the permanent galleries with new items, the museum also organizes temporary and traveling exhibitions. Since 2005, the museum has publicly introduced several new collections, including technological inventions of espionage, alien civilizations and survival. The latter is especially interesting because it shows environmental events that will most likely take place on our planet in 2050. The museum representatives worked out the most likely scenario of our future under the conditions of global warming and climate change.

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