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You can come across fare-dodgers in any corner of the world. Their reasons always vary. Some simply don’t have money, while others do it for fun. However, the punishment for such a violation depends on the country or city where it is committed. The situation with fare-dodgers in the capital of Great Britain is interesting but at the same time tragic. London is one of the most famous cities in the world. Therefore, a lot of people come here every day. Many of them try to travel without buying a ticket. The most famous cases are those about aeroplane stowaways. How do people manage to do this and what is the result of such attempts? Learn more at london-future.

Terrible cases of falling out of a plane

The history of the city reveals the cases of people falling out of the plane. If the idea of ​​illegally getting on a plane seems impossible and extremely dangerous for an ordinary person, for some individuals this option seems quite good. However, such attempts usually end tragically. The first mentions of a man who managed to survive while travelling in the wheel well date back to the 1940s. However, this case is a happy ending story. After all, subsequent stowaways condemned themselves to death. The most attractive place for those who like to fly for free is Heathrow Airport. It is one of the most famous and busiest airports not only in London but also in the whole world. It serves planes from different parts of the planet. The opportunity to get to London for free is usually used by representatives of countries with a low standard of living. The death of Pakistani Mohammed Ayaz in 2001 is connected with the flight to Heathrow Airport. The body of a 21-year-old man was found in a parking lot near the airport. He probably fell out of the plane. London was also struck by a story that happened a few years earlier. In 1996, two brothers who wanted to get to the capital of Great Britain illegally boarded a plane in India. The flight lasted 10 hours. Despite all this, one of them managed to survive the trip, while the other fell out of the plane. His body was found three days after the incident. Another terrible news was the discovery of a dead person in the undercarriage compartment of a plane.

In September 2012, people saw a man falling from the sky in the south-western suburbs of London. It is hard to imagine that he managed to fly in the undercarriage compartment the extremely long distance from Angola to London on a British Airways flight. But the trip had a tragic outcome. A similar situation happened in 2015 too. Then the body of a South African was found on one of the office roofs in the west of London. He also tried to get to Heathrow Airport. However, the man fainted (probably due to a temperature change) and fell out of the compartment.

Features of such a “trip” and possible consequences

The most tragic thing is that every stowaway has their own complicated life story. It is difficult to imagine life circumstances that can motivate a person to risk their own life. Desperate stowaways often break into the wheel well. However, the oxygen level and air temperature at high altitudes are unfavourable for the human body. Most of them freeze and their bodies fall out of the plane when the pilot opens the hatch to deploy the wheels for landing. So, the discoveries of bodies in areas near the airport are easy to explain. Although this happens only once every few years, each death shocks city residents and hints at a certain injustice in the modern world.

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