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Every city in the world has its own landmarks and special locations. It can be a memorial, a theatre, the house of a famous person, a restaurant or even an entire street. King’s Road is just the case. It is one of the main streets in London and stretches through the western areas of the city. Walking down the street, you can imagine a large number of events that have gone down in history forever. King’s Road is associated with the experimental fashion of the 1960s as well as the famous British designers Mary Quant and Vivienne Westwood. What other interesting facts does it reveal? Why is it related to the Royal Family? What are its features in modern London? Learn more at london-future.

The king’s road and the residence of famous people

Apparently, King’s Road became so famous even outside the country because, for a long time, it served as the private road of the king. Therefore, it received such a name. Until 1830, the road was closed to the public, although some members of the upper class of society occasionally could use it. This very road led King Charles II to Hampton Court Palace. This street is also known for the outstanding people who have lived here. For example, theatre actress Ellen Terry, who became famous for her flawless performance of female roles in Shakespeare’s plays, lived in one of the local houses. In 1948, film director Carol Reed settled on King’s Road. He lived in house number 213 until his death. A plaque with his name was installed on the building wall. One of the street houses also witnessed the birth of Christina Broom, who is considered the first woman to become a photographer in Great Britain.

Part of the fashion industry and the current state

Although so many interesting and outstanding personalities lived on this street, the whole world learned about it only in the 1960s. Then it became one of the centres of London giving birth to new fashion trends and ideas. One of the main events in the world of fashion was the creation of a miniskirt. In 1955, Mary Quant opened the BAZAAR boutique on King’s Road. Since then, people started coming here to get unique clothes and create stylish looks. The street was quickly filled with many fashionable boutiques. However, in addition to being the centre of the fashion industry, King’s Road can also be called the street of music. Here, you could come across the most famous bands of Great Britain in the 1970s. In 1974, the English rock band Led Zeppelin even founded their Swan Song Records record label here. One of the houses on King’s Road became the headquarters of Cube Records. In addition to the direct activity of famous musicians, the image of the street also inspired the creation of many musical works. For example, the American band Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers presented the song Kings Road. Moreover, the street was repeatedly mentioned in the Round the Horne comedy show.

All in all, King’s Road can boast of a rich and diverse history as well as deserves to be called a landmark of the city. Despite its original elegant and sophisticated features, the street has retained an expressive and eccentric atmosphere. Nowadays, King’s Road remains a place for shopping and entertainment. Its unique heritage attracts modern tourists. Having visited the street, you can see with your own eyes the king’s travelling route as well as the place where designers and musicians created their masterpieces, while ordinary residents enjoyed their life. There are several underground stations and bus stops near King’s Road. So, not having your own car won’t be an obstacle. In addition to the street itself, you can also visit places of interest nearby.

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