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The latest technologies significantly changed many areas of our lives, if not all of them. However, new methods, standards, mechanisms and devices require supervision and cooperation with the human minds. Thus, nowadays, no one doubts the importance of training future IT professionals. Related educational institutions appear all over the world and their goal is to train specialists in this field. A striking example of such an institution is London School of Science & Technology, which is part of City, University of London. Learn more at london-future

London School of Science & Technology is a part of something bigger 

The school is a full-fledged part of one of the most popular universities in London. City, University of London is a public educational institution that unites seven different schools. It was founded in 1894. The educational institution can boast of important research experience, which has been accumulating over 100 years. Its graduates have become outstanding IT specialists and the school has one of the highest graduate employability rates. London School of Science & Technology worthily represents the university on the world stage. 

Interesting location 

It may seem that the location of the educational institution is not the most important aspect because its main aim is to provide students with knowledge and skills. However, that’s not the case for this school. The School of Science & Technology is located in the centre of London at the intersection of Tech City and the hub of Clerkenwell. This location allows students to further their development even without leaving the area of the school. Here, they have access to the most famous organisations in the world and the opportunity to make up their own creative start-ups in the field of banking, finance, engineering, software, computing and modern technologies. Being located next to the most successful companies, the school gives students the opportunity to find the best place for their internships. In addition, they get a fair chance to find a job offering career growth prospects right after graduation or during their studies. 

Main areas of study 

The school had a different name by 2022. Its renaming is closely related to the fields of study. In the summer of 2022, three separate departments, namely mechanical and aeronautical, civil and electronic, were merged into one faculty. Nowadays, the school offers three main courses – Engineering, Mathematics and Informatics. To enter any of them, you are expected to have a pretty good knowledge base in the related area. The school aims at erudite, ambitious and talented students. 

London School of Science & Technology offers students the basic Bachelor’s course, which includes various modern developments and an interdisciplinary approach to a particular subject. For example, mathematics is taught here as the language of the modern global economy. A student who studies informatics can not only get theoretical information about software reliability, development of applications and games, artificial intelligence and cyber security, but also directly participate in research and practical experiments. In general, the school is one of the best educational institutions in the world, specialising in computer science. It was repeatedly awarded prizes in this field of scientific knowledge. Thus, this is definitely the right place to learn how to develop reliable systems that can improve the life of modern society.

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