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Senla is a London outsourcing company that has become a centre of IT research and development. Its experts offer services in business intelligence, design, application integration, finance and real estate. The company is one of the leading software developers in London. In general, its activities are relevant in today’s world of the latest technologies. What are the company’s development strategies? What was its way to success? What are its main features? Learn more at london-future.

The main goal and principles

The company can boast of quite extensive experience in software development, as it has worked for more than ten years. The implementation of all their projects was due to the timely execution, continuous learning and improvement as well as a dedicated team. The main goal of the company’s activity has always remained the creation of first-class software solutions capable of transforming business. It also provides the clients, and, accordingly, the company itself, with opportunities for obtaining the desired profit. Another important principle is attention to the team of specialists. It includes designers, developers, analysts, software architects and scientists. Each innovative software is the product of specialists’ activity. People are the source of development and progress. You can see the experience, skill and responsibility of the team in every created project. Moreover, Senla has created a work schedule that allows constant consulting of its clients.

Expansion and features of activity

In general, the company’s influence has long gone beyond the capital of Great Britain. Senla cooperates at the international level. The company has five main headquarters in London, Warsaw, Zagreb, Tel Aviv and Tbilisi. Thus, the company adapted its activity to different time zones, so its customers can receive support and communication at any time.

Completed projects can tell about the company’s success. Their number has reached approximately 400 since 2012. Western Union, KPMG, Bosch, Bayer, Forex Club and many other well-known corporations rely on this company. A vivid example of high-quality work and effective cooperation is the partnership with the Swiss innovative neo-bank. The client’s request was to update the backend functionality and improve the user interface. The platform should easily withstand the load and increase in the number of users. First, Senla specialists analysed the sphere of the client’s activity for a deeper understanding of its intentions. Since it was finance, they decided to create a user-oriented interface. The specialist processed portal visual elements and achieved the most convenient form with the help of React. In general, three main points were implemented. One of them was focused on the crypto module. This is one of the main functions that allows the user to see their electronic wallet and perform various operations with it. Adaptation was also a very important aspect. It introduces new users to the portal and facilitates the process of creating an account. The third important component is the tokenisation function. This command works on the module user interface. This cooperation is one of many examples of the company’s professional activity. Senla continues to develop and achieve new successes.

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