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In the modern world, most of the principles and established norms that have been considered perfect earlier are no longer important for the development of humanity. The new century needs new technological ideas. Digitisation has become the basis for conducting any activity. Therefore, the emergence of companies providing services in the field of technology and computer development is an obvious phenomenon. One of them is Coreblue in London. Its activities are aimed at developing custom software and creating a positive impact on both the private and public sectors. What is the company’s portfolio and what are the main features of its projects? Learn more at london-future.

Important information about Coreblue

Coreblue is a young company compared to other similar ones. It was created in 2016. The founders intended to unite the best specialists to develop businesses and government institutions. In general, the company’s activities are related to the creation of custom design, unique products, strategic planning and technological maintenance. One of the most important values for the company is reliable security. Cooperation with local communities is another direction of Coreblue’s activity. Quite often, the company finances various start-ups and business incubators. Coreblue members are interested in researching and implementing interesting ideas. In particular, company representatives pay great attention to internship opportunities for students. In addition to London, Coreblue offices are located in Bristol and Plymouth. Thus, students from the University of Plymouth, the University of Exeter, the University of Bristol and other educational institutions have the opportunity to complete an internship, receive a scholarship and build their career in the company.

Variety of services and finished projects

Coreblue strives to provide IT services in various areas of life. The most important ones are advertising, software, finance and banking, education, logistics, real estate, recreation and hotel business. All projects begin with a discussion of details and careful planning. One of the most popular services is design and development. Company representatives receive various requests. Quite often, the clients want to improve user interaction, optimize business operations and create completely new concepts. Moreover, Coreblue always resorts to forecasting future development. Therefore, further support and expansion of the created products is also important. This service includes monitoring performance, security and user feedback. The main goal is constant updating and optimization of the software.

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The company’s portfolio is full of high-quality projects. Such, for example, is the development of an application for ProConvey. Its main feature is the security of data transmission and integration with Blockchain technologies. This product was created for home sellers and home buyers, so these features are very important. Another interesting project was to improve the security, stability and functionality of the already existing platform for Executive Nexus. This was an example of final services provision. Thus, the company facilitated the data transfer process and took responsibility for the further maintenance of the platform. These are some of the most famous examples, but Coreblue works with many other big and small companies.

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