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Modern people strive for constant improvement and scientific progress. A person in the 21st century is more interested in individual development. Therefore, we try to make everyday things even more convenient. One such thing is transport. Everyone knows that cars, buses and especially airplanes worsen the environment. So it is better to use more ecological means of transportation. Thus, electric scooters have become popular. In particular, they are given a lot of attention in the capital of Great Britain. However, does an electric scooter really have a lot of advantages and what are the rules for using them in London? Learn more at london-future.

Advantages and disadvantages 

At first glance, an electric scooter is a great alternative. First of all, it’s an eco-friendly type of transport because it doesn’t pollute the atmosphere. Secondly, it reduces traffic on the roads and helps to improve the situation with traffic jams. Thirdly, there are many individual benefits. Everyone can quickly reach their destination without spending a lot of effort. However, we can single out shortcomings as well. London is a very crowded city. This type of transport can cause injury to people on the street. Also, the problem of leaving scooters in places that aren’t designated for it remains relevant and unsettled. Therefore, the city has been arguing over this for a long time.

Peculiarities of using electric scooters in London

If we consider the issue in more detail, it should be noted that the main problem remains the regulation of the use of electric scooters. Only the rental of such transport is legal in the city. The usage of your own electric scooter on the roads is limited by certain local regulations. The general manager at Dott, Michael Venturis, believes that private scooters can cause most of the misunderstandings. Such vehicles are sometimes faulty and very often don’t have headlights and thick wheels. Electric scooters, which are provided to tourists and residents of the city for rent, undergo special tests before hitting the streets. They are durable, have turn signals and a top speed of 12.5 mph. So, electric scooters don’t cause harm and can be quite safe if there are clear rules for their use, regulated norms and places for their storage. Source: BBC.

Photo source: The Guardian

In total, there are three e-scooter rental operators in London. These are Dott, Lime and Voi. They give people an opportunity to use e-scooters according to all the rules. You can ride this modern vehicle on bike paths and public roads, but its appearance on the sidewalk is a violation. For more comfortable movement through the city streets, you should download the application of the selected operator. Their maps show where the movement of electric scooters is prohibited. There are also places where you should reduce your speed. In this case, the scooter slows down automatically. The apps also often show parking spaces. If a person doesn’t follow these rules, they can be blocked or fined. In general, such a system was developed specifically to provide comfortable conditions for scooter riders and other people.

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