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We have repeatedly heard success stories of various ingenious developments. Such sensational and inspiring examples are broadcast by various informational sources all over the world. A start-up is an idea that initially doesn’t have financial support but is very meaningful. Nowadays, the world is becoming more favourable to such phenomena. There are investors who are interested in new quality projects and can finance a good idea. It’s interesting that, usually, it is not a breakthrough, but a simple idea that will satisfy some requests or benefit society. It arises on the basis of existing theories in computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc. The London Gyana company is a vivid example of a successful start-up. It is relatively young, but its services have become extremely popular. Learn more at london-future

History of its creation 

Gyana was founded by a couple of young and ambitious people in 2015. Joyeeta Das and David Kell enrolled in postgraduate studies at Oxford and started to work on the development of an interesting project. First, they came up with the Neera app, which was designed to analyse the movement of people and the formation of crowds at specific locations. It helps to determine a more successful location for retail premises. Using this application, specialists in retail trade and real estate can easily estimate a particular object, as well as predict the popularity of the future business location. The very names of the projects aren’t random either. For example, Gyana in Sanskrit means “knowledge”, which reflects the meaning of the start-up idea. The app Neera translates as “water”, which also has a hidden meaning. 

Being scientists, the developers were aware of the incredible power of digital operations and calculations. They also understood that only a few people in the world are able to apply them successfully. So, they decided to create something ingenious to improve the usual areas of our lives. After all, society should have access to at least some of the beneficial scientific inventions and not just read about them on the Internet. 

Gyana is about the implementation of innovations in any sphere of our life 

Gyana proves that the latest technologies can be useful in any field of activity. The initial idea was to create more comfortable working conditions for ordinary farmers. Using geolocation data provided by the company, the agricultural producer can easily manage the business processes. In general, Gyana’s services include analysing market return on investment, predicting market orientation and determining the future behaviour of competitors. Its main feature is the combination of Big Data with location determination. It is the main tool for identifying hidden opportunities and predicting the income of an agricultural enterprise. 

Starting with a small company and just an interesting idea, Gyana has developed into something much bigger. Its contracts with such well-known organisations as Knight Frank, Vodafone, Pret A Manger, Barclays and EY prove it. Despite the huge profits the company has made from such contracts, Gyana representatives still offer free user versions of their applications. The company aims to provide data that could be useful for many users. The company’s popularity is growing very quickly. Thus, Gyana’s success is a perfect example of how an idea can transform into a global organisation.

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