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The Silicon Reef company, its foundation and activities in London 

Since technological progress engulfed the modern world, many things have become completely different from what they were before. We got new methods and projects, and therefore, new opportunities. Modern technologies have turned the world upside down. For some people, it was a devastating process because nobody likes to destroy established standards and take risks in favour of some smart programme. However, there were also those who believed in the automation process and were confident in its further success. Despite all the pros and cons, that time has come. In today’s world, we can no longer imagine a business without computer technologies, computer programmes or even ordinary mobile applications. Moreover, such processes led to the formation of various IT companies. One of them is Silicon Reef in London. Learn more at london-future

The company’s specialisation 

Silicon Reef is a SharePoint development company. It offers a whole range of services related to web development, improvement and offers various kinds of consultations. Company representatives are trying to help businesses make a quality transition to technical solutions, taking into account the specifics of the client’s professional activity. The main competence of Silicon Reef is Microsoft. The company also carries out strategic planning and complex technological migrations. 

Growing in popularity worldwide 

The first mentions of the company’s physical location were made in 2016. Then Silicon Reef offices appeared in London, Chester and Bournemouth. The popularity of the company grew rapidly, and after a while, Silicon Reef entered the world market. Among its clients are such interesting and well-known organisations as Sega Corporation, Asahi, Anglo American, Met Office, Swire Group, Four Seasons and many others. 

The main objective and its implementation 

The company employees are trying to improve their clients’ businesses using Microsoft 365 tools. The Silicon Reef method of cooperation is based on the Work Happy vision, which means creating a favourable atmosphere for business development. Thus, productivity, high-quality cooperation and the implementation of modern innovations are the most important factors. The company focuses on internal communication and introducing the latest technologies into teamwork. The last aspect is particularly important for a business. Specialists emphasise the significance of the latest technologies but also underline the huge role of employees who strive to develop their organisation. So, first of all, Silicon Reef gets to know the client’s team and determines the further course of their cooperation. Thus, the company gets a clear vision of the necessary services. This is exactly the Silicon Reef’s approach. 

The company provides a wide range of services. It varies from application development to complex professional work with the client. In the second case, Silicon Reef carries out a detailed analysis of the client’s company. This process involves the singling out of the company’s structures, the transfer of all data to modern computer systems, the expansion of limits and its general systematisation. Silicon Reef also specialises in content. Its main tasks include the development of strategies that ensure the relevance and attractiveness of all client’s websites and profiles. Silicon Reef specialists know very well how to fix technical issues and, at the same time, attract as many potential customers as possible. All these components create a quality product and, in the future, a good reputation for the company.

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