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London attracts many tourists every day owing to its wide variety of architectural styles. They visit exquisite palaces, mysterious locations and historic houses. Ham House is one of them. Thanks to its interesting architectural features and large size, it doesn’t look like an ordinary house, but rather a castle. It’s not surprising, as for a long time, the house was owned by people close to the king’s entourage. In any case, Ham House is worth paying attention to. Its walls preserve centuries-old history and impress with their unique appearance. Learn more at london-future

The history dating back to the 17th century

The construction of the house in its original form was completed in 1610. Then it was purchased by a close friend and supporter of Charles I, William Murray. Later, his family had some difficulties with the ownership rights. During the civil war in England, the house was taken away for some time. However, William’s wife quickly returned the house ownership. His daughter managed to retain power over the palace after William’s death. In 1671, she married the Duke of Lauderdale. That event played an important role in the social life of the whole of England and the prosperity of Ham House. Then the house was significantly expanded and some of its parts were restored. In a short period of time, the owners acquired many unique pieces of furniture, exquisite paintings and other interesting things. Changes took place not only inside the house but also on its territory, which was expanded and acquired an incredibly beautiful garden. After the death of the Duchess, the house was inherited by her descendants. Later, the family lost their high status at the royal court. However, they made a lot of efforts to preserve the unique collections and the original appearance of the building. Ham House also underwent a global reconstruction. In 1948, the building was donated to the National Trust. It was open to visitors during the second half of the 20th century. Then the house experienced another restoration, during which specialists investigated all the historical objects and features of the building in detail. This place attracted not only those who sought to enjoy art masterpieces but also many directors and other representatives of the cinema industry. Thus, Ham House became the shooting location of about ten famous films.

The uniqueness of the architectural style

The first impressive thing about the house is its grounds. Their total size is 12 hectares. The northern side of the house is especially picturesque, as it boasts an impeccable view of the River Thames. Thus, you can find amazing objects and rare types of plants even before entering the very house.

Ham House still retains much of the original interior decoration, which dates back to the 17th century. Moreover, all these items are in perfect condition. One of the Ham House’s rooms, the Great Hall, represents the English Gothic style. An elegant staircase in the eastern part of the room indicates the high status and power of the house owners at the royal court. The Long Gallery has been renovated, but it has only enhanced its amazing appearance. The portraits are decorated with masterly carved gilt frames in the auricular style. In general, the house features many other things that remind of the aristocracy and sophistication of its representatives.

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