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The city of London is world-famous. The royal family, red buses and a huge clock are the first associations that come to our mind when we think of this place. However, London is not only famous for the tourist attractions we were told about in school but also for a large number of writers, musicians, actors, singers, scientists and inventors who lived there and glorified their Motherland throughout the world. Most of their scientific discoveries have become a kind of sensation. England, and London in particular, can boast of many outstanding scientists who not only did their work well but also discovered new processes, methods and inventions. Joseph Bramah was one of them. Learn more at london-future.

Interesting facts from Bramah’s biography and his first steps in science

Though Joseph Bramah was born in 1748 in the county of Yorkshire, he spent almost his whole life in London. After graduation from school, he became an apprentice of a local carpenter and later moved to London, where he applied his skills in creating furniture. However, his mind and talent were too great for just a workshop. He was an interesting person who always strived for discoveries and research. He wasn’t just an ordinary craftsman, so he managed to achieve tremendous success in science and enrich all mankind with useful inventions. It is also interesting that he didn’t have a formal education, he mastered almost all the basics of science by himself. Owing to his intelligence and talent, he became one of the most famous and influential inventors of his time. Despite the fact that the researcher devoted a lot of time to his professional activities, science didn’t prevent him from becoming a husband in 1783 and then a father to five children.

Inventions that made Bramah well-known even nowadays

It turns out that Joseph Bramah was not only an inventor but also an amazing entrepreneur. He founded his own company, which became one of the most successful in its field. However,  people all over the world are most interested and impressed by his inventions. While some scientists devoted almost all their lives to only one invention or some narrowly specialized research, Bramah worked in different scientific fields and various spheres of use. His most famous invention was the creation of a hydraulic press, which he patented in 1795. The role of this invention is colossal, as it significantly changed the industry of iron and steel production. Production became much faster and cheaper, which made it possible to sell more goods at lower prices. Thus, the invention became an integral part of the industrial revolution.

A modern hydraulic press. Source: Wikipedia 

In 1800, Joseph Bramah invented the printing press, which became known as one of the most important inventions in the history of printing. It worked on the same principles as the previous invention, but the scientist adapted it for the specific field. Nowadays, similar mechanisms are preserved in modern printing machines. At the end of the 18th century, crime rates reached critical points in Great Britain. Street thefts, robberies and burglaries were happening every day. Therefore, another rather interesting and extremely useful invention at that time was the lock, which was impossible to open with ordinary picklocks. Joseph Bramah even promised to reward whoever could open that lock, but for 67 years, nobody managed to do it. There are many other unique and interesting inventions by Joseph Bramah.

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